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A cutting question

So, there I stood, once again, staring at shelves full of razors and blades. And, once again, I left without buying anything.

I couldn’t bring myself to pay $2 each for blades to fit my Gillette Sensor handle at home, even though that was cheaper than any of the other options, all of which had three or more blades.

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Facing "dadlash"

I don't want to abandon my wife and kids ... for very long.

But I could use a break.

The usual pressures of family life have been stepped up a notch in our home. I've been working odder hours than normal to be around when needed, stepping up my efforts to help with daily cleaning, and putting aside a lot of my interests to be there for my wife and daughters.

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Seeing the Light

(Originally Published Sept. 2008)
I was sitting in the basement on a recent Monday night playing my football video game. The Bengals were moments away from crushing the Patriots, and then everything went dark.
While I was sitting deep in the man-cave of my basement, a storm had blown up and knocked out power.