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Giving a name to what I seek

For the last few months, I've been feeling a bit isolated amid my usual crowd.

I live in a nice suburban house where my kids have room to run and play. I have a job as a reporter that lets me meet new people on a regular basis. I live in a small town where a lot of people know me. Yet, I've found myself looking for something more in terms of connecting with people.

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Politics as sport

When Congress could not reach and agreement on the payroll tax cut, it was considered gridlock as usual. With both sides putting winning ahead of the good of the public.

When Republicans stepped back from the rhetoric and accepted a compromise, many media reports said the Republican's caved in and the Democrats won.

And so, the treatment of politics as sport continues.

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Confessions of a tech scavenger

The 50-inch TV in my basement is top of the line. The best that Hitachi had to offer in 1996. It was 12 years old when I found it next to the dumpster behind an audio/video store. The colors didn't line up right any more, but a visit to a friend who fixes such TVs and about $150 later, it works great.