Driving Lessons

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I spend a fair amount of time driving. Sometimes when driving, I think. Here are some things I've thought about recently while driving.

I have realized that, even though the middle lane on the highway is often faster, I prefer to stay on the extreme left or right. That way, I only have to worry about one side intruding on my space. The middle is more complicated. I think a lot of people are that way when it comes to politics.

I rely heavily on the Google Maps app when driving. I use it not just for directions, but traffic information and arrival time estimates.

A while back, I heard a sermon where the speaker talked about how, in the age of maps, we were engaged in our navigation and aware of our surroundings. GPS does all the work for us, leaving us less engaged in the journey. "GPS will get you there, but you won't know where you are," he said.

On top of that, many reports have suggested GPS makes us dumber by "switching off" the brain.