Sometimes, you need to take the pony way

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Like many people, I spent time back home for the holidays in the house where I grew up.

While driving there with my children I came to an intersection where, as a child, I would implore whichever parent was driving to "go the pony way." There were two routes to take, both about the same distance. One way had better roads and one less turn, the other way had a pony in a fenced in yard on a corner. In the days before the internet, cable TV and tablets, a real live pony was a pretty big deal.

To this day, in our family, "the pony way" holds special meaning. Not just as a fun memory, but as a metaphor for taking the scenic route, or the road less traveled.

The pony is long gone, but I take my kids that way as often as not. I say it is to tell them about the pony, but I really do it for me. It's a simple reminder of a simpler time.