My Easter miracle (OK, that's a little dramatic, but what's a title for?)

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Heading in to work the day before Easter, I saw a woman by a gas station in my little town holding a sign that read, "My family could use your help."
These kind of signs are not uncommon most places, but you don't see too many around the town I live in.
The woman looked a bit downtrodden, but as a journalist I've seen my share of convincing scammers, so I was suspicious.
Still, I was curious and tempted to go back just to hear her story. But, I was already late for work and I needed to get lunch at the fast-food drive-thru. Still, I felt compelled to do something.
It occurred to me that I was Facebook friends with the Major of our local Salvation Army. Using my phone, I looked up his profile and cell phone number. He happened to be nearby and stopped to check on the woman.
He called later to say she (just) had no food in her house the day before Easter. He brought her a box of food from the Salvation Army pantry and told her to check back in on Monday for more assistance.
Was she a scammer? Maybe, but if she wasn't she now would have food.
Was I a coward? Maybe, but I don't know how I could have helped much on my own.
Was I a hero? No. I just made a phone call.
Was it a miracle? Your call.
Do I have a point? Yes. If you're thinking about Easter's miracle and want do something to honor it, give to the Salvation Army.